Senior Sales Executive / Business Growth Specialist

Glasgow, UK

As a Business Growth Specialist with SD, you matter. The impact you make is felt by every person in the team, and you’re given the autonomy to make that impact in the way that most fits with your sales style. There’s nowhere to hide, and you’re accountable for every sale made.  

We don’t mind what your sales background is as long as you’re a challenger and a hunter. Someone agile who’s not afraid to introduce new ways of thinking, and to explain to prospects exactly why they need the creative and innovative solutions you can provide. We’re looking for high-energy, inquisitive, hungry sales executives who can sniff out an opportunity and pursue it until they’re successful. You’ll need it if you’re going to smash that £500k sales target. That said, no one’s perfect; we want someone who’s humble and vulnerable, and not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Our processes are best-in-class, and we achieve this by bringing together the best people in the right roles and providing them with the support, tools, and technology to obliterate any target set. You’ve never seen business growth done like this before. 

Why do these companies trust Solutions Driven?

Embracing the 6F approach

We’re focused on finding the right fit for every candidate, and our 6F approach ensures we factor in every individual need you may have. 


Cultural fit is one of the most important elements in any role; it’s what makes work feel like a choice rather than a chore. Finding the right environment for all candidates is a core part of our process.


Some things are simply more important than work. Finding a balance between the private and the professional is a key element in everyone’s life, and we don’t believe that a career should be the only reason to get out of bed in the morning.  


Money, success, satisfaction… whatever makes you feel like you’ve ‘made it’, we’ve got the right role for your goals. 


Having enough trust and flexibility to try new things and take on a challenge can be the difference between fulfilment and monotony. We’ll always ask what your goals and ambitions are for the future.  


Life’s too short not to have fun along the way. We understand what drives people both professionally and personally, and do our utmost to take preferences into account during talent sourcing. 


Whatever your ambitions for the future, we want to make sure you’re in the right place to start achieving. 



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Email: enquiries@solutions-driven.com

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