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state of the workforce: retention infographic

Companies all over the world are struggling to retain their best employees. This lack of employee loyalty is hurting business financially, but also in terms of productivity. Our infographic outlines why it’s so important for businesses to get a firm hold on their employee retention.


Source: Work Institute

top in-demand roles 2019 infographic

The talent shortage isn’t letting up any time soon: our infographic outlines the roles which are among the hardest to hire for in 2019. Find out more about business-critical hiring by clicking the button below. 


Source: HR Director

the future of jobs infographic image

The future of jobs is a huge concern for both employees and employers across the globe. With the pace of technological change increasing exponentially, it pays to stay informed of the latest developments and keep one eye on the future of the job markets. 

2019 talent landscape infographic

The latest whitepaper report from the SD team outlines the major flash points 2019 will bring. From political upheaval to the talent shortage, we summarise the main points you and your hiring team need to know for the year ahead.