Solutions Driven provides a range of high-impact talent acquisition solutions, offering fully customised and flexible services to help organisations meet their specific recruitment needs. Specifically, we can provide RPO, project recruitment, search and consulting services to our global client base – from Fortune 100 to fast growing SME’s.

Recognising the ongoing disruption in the talent acquisition market we have designed our business to offer a range of solutions that compliment and enhance your in-house capability.


• Unable to find all those high-demand, low supply skills?
• Hiring in a variety of locations?
• Looking to increase quality of hire?
• Building the future top talent pipeline in your business?

SD TalentSource is a value add solution that identifies, attracts and then selects the very best talent in the global marketplace. Having placed in over 50 countries worldwide, Solutions Driven have a unique insight into global market trends, technology and attraction strategies that can enable your business to gain a competitive advantage by improving the quality of your hire.

Our key strengths and advantage is our recruitment process and methodology – which allows us to spend an average of 20 to 30 times the effort and recruiter hours on your key hires than direct teams or standard recruiters. Alongside our advanced sourcing techniques, this allows us to find unique talent that you will not find with other sources.

For more information download our TalentSource brochure


• Aiming to hire top talent for your leadership team?
• Looking for global experience from your senior hires?
• Struggling to measure the capability of your future senior hires?

SD ExecSource meets the needs of our customers to identify, attract, engage and grow the very best executive talent within their leadership teams: providing a traditional “headhunting” focus while utilising the very latest sourcing and technology tools to maximise results. We use our international expertise to cast our net wide and find the very best leadership potential in the global marketplace.

Every time a candidate is contacted, we know that the level of care shown reflects on our customers. This is why we have developed our own unique Candidate Charter, which details how we to motivate, converse, consider and care for every candidate in the correct way (E=MC3).

Our confidence in our process is bolstered by our Predictive Referencing tools, which use input about candidates’ past performance to predict future success factors. We can design an on-boarding support strategy covering the crucial first year in post, too – ensuring Quality of Hire is at the highest level.

For more information download our ExecSource brochure


• Not achieving the recruitment results you need from an existing internal team?
• About to go through a significant growth period and major hiring increase?
• Would you like to improve quality of hire whilst reducing cost and time to hire?

SD OutSource isn’t your traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution. Taking a Modular and Customisable approach, our RPO solution is dynamic, cost effective – and fast, too.

Our Industry-Leading IP uses technology to streamline and standardise the recruitment process while improving hiring outcomes. Access to Excellent Recruiters who genuinely care about outcomes and delivery, working to your own tailored Success Metrics, brings benefits in spades. Not to mention building and developing a Talent Community on your behalf for a really proactive approach.

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• Need to understand the available skills and talent in a new location?
• Growth plans that indicate volume hiring required in a particular skill-set / field?
• Comparing the requisite strengths of suggested new site locations?

We understand that innovation is the key to maintaining and improving long-term business agility as well as hiring the right people to do the job. SD FutureSource allows us to tap into talent communities established by companies in particular skill services, and our specialised software and research team are best equipped to find and attract available talent in our clients’ desired sector.

For more information download our FutureSource brochure