Happy Friday all!

This week Gary and Ryan take over the playlist and car chat!  You need to watch the video to see where Lilly and Sooz are 🙂

Remember you can find our Friday playlist on Spotify!

Songs from Scotland

This weeks playlist is focused on songs that relate to Scotland – Gary and Ryan seemed to have found lots of Scottish songs which also relate to jobs and recruitment!


Friday Vlog with Gary and Ryan

Also check out the weekly playlist on the Friday Vlog by the Solutions Driven team Gary & Ryan! Come along with us on the drive to work and here what we’ve been up-to as well as a bit of Carpool Karaoke!

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This is a mix of songs by the team that inspire us, help us focus and are just good songs!

If you’ve got any song recommendations please tweet them to us @SD_recruit

Here’s a reminder of last weeks video with Sooz and Lilly in case you missed it they were chatting about Candidate Care while listening to songs all about work, jobs and the world of recruitment.

Why not check out Sooz’s blog from last week too: Why is Candidate Care so important?