So firstly, we’d like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween, we hope you all had as much fun as the team at Solutions Driven did!

We went all out this year in the office! We had everything or should I say everyone from the Notorious Conor McGregor to Mrs Brown! We had an awesome day so let me give you a little spooky recap!


We held a bit of a Halloween bash with winners for the best dressed and a pumpkin carving competition!

Every year at Halloween we like to get our dress up on and this year was no different, even the office got a bit of a spooky makeover, with lots of candy and zombies and not forgetting the crazy crime scene.

This year we are making an extra special effort by giving £5 to charity for every team member that dressed up. So let’s just say the game was on with Team SD and they sure did bring it!





There’s been a murder!

All the team pushed the boat out with their costumes this year. We had SD CEO, Gavin as Where’s Wally? and we couldn’t find him all day!

Then the Solar System made an appearance bringing with it a few Zombies and Witches. We can’t forget about Cruella Deville and her pals, the Spice Girls and we even had the bold Neil Buchanan from Art Attack doing an appearance. There were also a few Little Red Riding Hoods, Donkeys and Jesters at the office today!


Take a look at some of the Top Costumes!







All in the team raised a whopping £200.00 for charity. Not bad for a day’s work. We’ll be announcing the chosen charity at the end of the week. Watch this space!


The Best Dressed and More!

Let’s take a look at the winners. It was hard to choose as there were so many good costumes this year but we managed to narrow it down to these lucky winners!


Best Handmade Costume Winners

This was for the best handmade costume and who we felt made the most effort and got a bit creative. There were some really good ones, like Kirstin our solar system and of course the Spice Girls were good too but our winners for the best dressed were.

Drum Roll Please!

Jessie and Woody – Amy and Scott made a lot of effort making these outfits, they even brought their own Mr Potato too.


Scariest Costume Winner

The next award goes to the most frightening. We had a good few spooky ones today they sure did give us a bit of a fright! We had The Slenderman, a crazy jester and of course an old drunk which is always a bit scary an 9am on a Tuesday morning!

But our winner was our Zombie Sara. She outdid the rest with that scary make up and the pins were a creepy touch. Well Done Sara!


Pumpkin Carving Winner

Last but no means least was the winner of our Pumpkin Carving contest. Who knew SD team were so creative?!

Our winner of the Pumpkin was Jamie Burns with his KISS pumpkin. It’s what we call our “Black Diamond” of pumpkins, get it? Anyway, great work Jamie, can’t wait to see what rockstar you’ll choose next year!


Well Done again to all our winners! This year winners each got a £30.00 voucher of their choice!

So to wrap up Halloween at Solutions Driven we thought we’d leave you will a little mash-up of our day! Thanks again everyone who made the effort and to our Chairman Walter for the Charity donation. Great work, great Halloween, already looking forward to next year!