Congratulations to Nicki Paterson who has won the SD team award for October!

We practice what we preach – excellent SD behaviours means a happy team and delighted customers. So every month we award a SD team member based on the SD behaviours. The voting is driven by the team based on feedback and here is how the process works:

The Solutions Driven five behaviours: Live & breathe the customer; Be commercially savvy; Be future focussed; Grasp the thistle; The team factor

The Solutions Driven Behaviours


All staff get the opportunity to nominate any members of staff stating why they think their peer has demonstrated our core behaviours and should win the award.

Judging Process

It’s a hard job to determine who is the overall winner, everyone is involved in the final voting – even that’s a team effort!

Read more about our behaviours in the post below:

Solutions Driven – Read about life at SD, our behaviours and how we can help you find the best talent

Solutions Driven was launched back in 1998. Our founder had spent much of his career working as a senior operations executive with a number of hi-tech US multinational manufacturing firms. In his management roles he become frustrated by the transactional service levels on offer from the recruitment sector.

Our October Runners Up

In October we had so many great nominations for the team, here are some of the runners up and their reason for being nominated:

Marie for Grasp the Thistle and Commercially Savvy – attended an Open Day whilst under the weather and went on to ensure the Open Day was a huge success for a new client
Jordan for Team Factor – for being a great help with training over the past month and always happy to take time out for my many questions
Latha for Grasping the Thistle with several USA roles – she managed and convinced them to open up options for candidates to be considered for a tough role


Well done to all the runners up but let’s take a closer look at the Winner!


The Winner for October is …… Nicki Paterson!

Well done Nicki! Great achievement considering he’s only been here at SD for 6 months!

Here is a look at the nomination that sealed the deal for our winner

Nicki for Future Focussed, Commercially Savvy and Grasped the Thistle – I would like to nominate Nicki, he’s been future focussed, commercially savvy and he has also grasped the thistle for the work he has done since he has been here. We are now starting to see the fruits of his labour with new business streaming in and the work he has done on securing a global Brand locating to Scotland on board has been exemplary. This could potentially be a game changer within the structure of the business and it’s all down to his hard work! A wonderful hire. Well done Nicki.


I asked Nicki a few questions about his life and SD and his award win for October!

Hey Nicki, Well Done on the win, give us a quick description of your role and what you do here at Solutions Driven?

I joined Solutions Driven in June as a Business Growth Specialist. My job is to engage and attract new clients for SD. When I’ve found great clients, I help them place key/challenging roles they cannot fill themselves internally. I’m working with some great clients at the moment and looking forward to finding more in the future.


Fantastic! So What’s been your favourite thing about working here so far?

I like that no two days are the same, although I’m office based I have the ability to speak with people around the globe and as often as I can go meet clients face to face. In general we work tough roles here at SD so when we are able to place it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


How did you feel when you found out won the award?

Having just moved house, the prize will definitely help with Christmas presents. But it was nice of my colleagues to nominate and vote for me, I’ve worked hard to get off to a good start here so long may it continue!


So on behalf on Solutions Driven team, I’d like to wish Nicki massive congrats! Look forward to seeing who our winner is for November! Also watch this space as our annual awards are only a few months away too!


Nicki is awesome at ensuring we offer clients the best possible service so if you’re looking to expand your team and need the best recruitment solution then fill in the below and get in touch with Nicki.

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