Last week our sourcing lead, Iker Jusue, jetted off to Amsterdam to attend the Sourcing Summit Europe. Everyone is allowed a work holiday once in a while.

Sourcers, Recruiters, Risk Takers, and Talent Geeks from all over Europe congregated at #SOSUEU to collaborate, network & learn. Be in the room with the sharpest sourcing minds and hear first-hand, the challenges, new trends and opportunities that are shaping the talent sourcing landscape.

Our boy Iker won the Hackathon – #Go Iker

So every year at Sourcing Summit one of the many cool things they do is the Hackathon! Sounds quite worrying but it’s not as bad as it seems.  What Hackathon really means is ‘hacks’ – or fresh and smart new ways of finding top talent, this is completed by the contributions of the speakers and delegates a the event.

This year they dedicated a full day to #Hackathon, in fact, they turned it into a competition. This was the competition that our very own Iker won!

The competition took place on the 10th of October but I caught up with our Sourcing King, Iker to ask him few questions about the event.

Here’s what he had to say…

Can you tell us a bit more about the Hackathon Competition and what you had to do?

More than 200 participants amongst the best in-house and agency sourcers in Europe. First stage: Using the sourcing games website from Jan Tegze, game specially crafted for Sosueu. A set of 5 levels with a time limit, we had to solve challenges the answer was the password for the next level. The idea was to select the first 16, only a few were able to go through all the levels and the game masters decided to bring some additional people that were close.

When we were divided into 4 teams. I teamed up with Shane McCusker (creator of the famous Facebook Search Chrome extensions) Katharine Robinson 2010 Sourcecon Grandmaster Winner and host of the AirSource Podcast and Bernadett Haasz (Sourcer working for Facebook in Dublin!)

We started sourcing for different roles, round one consisted of finding two CV’s without using LinkedIn but with access to any non-paid database. The team divided the work, it was a US role (Scientist in Massachusetts) so I sourced in The Ladders and through Google Scholar, others like Shane were using for example SlideShare. We managed to send a few of them before the time ran out – we had 15 minutes to spare.

Then for round two only two teams were left (8 people), we had to source (this time we could use LinkedIn) for a challenging role for Action Against Hunger, with a lot of technical, geographic and language constraints. This time I focused on LinkedIn and I managed to send four profiles in time.

The final round was the team of four competing against each other, in this case we weren’t able to use LinkedIn, any CV database or sending any CV, we just had to send two profiles using other resources. We were sourcing for an Advisor to relocate to the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, with a very specific experience in this field and language requirements too.

First I researched about the people that were holding a similar role in that organization, then I went back to their previous employers and doing a Boolean search using Google and targeting PDF files I managed to retrieve press releases and bios of two possible candidates. At the same time I searched for a bit more information about them to contrast and send all this before the time ran out.

A jury analysed all the results during the following day, taking into consideration method, diversity of sources (what mainly gave me the winning title) and time.

All the profiles were shared with the NGOs as they are live hard-to-fill roles that they currently have. Part of the audience that didn’t make it in the different stages was also encouraged to keep sending profiles for these roles.

Were you shocked when you found out you won Hackathon?

Yeah, I was shocked, I always had the feeling that I could win but it was so challenging and I was competing with such skilled sourcers that I thought that maybe somebody else would.

Will you be returning again next year?


Describe Sourcing Summit Hackathon in 3 Words?

Refreshing, challenging and Intense.

Who do you admire in the sourcing world?

I don’t know what to say, it’s a difficult one because there are so many talented professionals that I respect a lot, I couldn’t pick just one but I would say, my mom, because she was always able to find things.

What’s your top sourcing tip?

My top sourcing tip is to take control, act as a real consultant and think about the needs of your hiring manager, role and organization. don’t just take orders, research and plan in advance before jumping-in to a vacancy.

Again,  we’d like to say a massive well done to Iker for the WIN! Solutions Driven are lucky that we’ve got a top sourcer on the team.

If you want to find out more about Iker Jusue connect with him on LinkedIn, unless you can source his email, phone number and address online 🙂

Iker Jusue with his winner photo from the team ad SD


The hackathon was put together by Mark Tortorichi  Barbara Braehmer   Guillaume Alexandre   Jan Bernhart and Asaf Yaffe