On Friday 4th August, the SD team descended on the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome, ready for a morning of inspiration and team building.

Now, we all know how Team Away Day’s work – slides upon slides upon slides of facts and figures, where we finished the year as a percentage to our target, what our goals are for the coming months and a “motivational” chat about how much work we still have to do, right?


Not an SD Team Day… PowerPoint was banned.  No slides from anyone.  Not even, our spreadsheet loving, number crunching Finance Lead!

Instead, we held our morning session in the style of TEDtalks – for anyone not sure what a TEDtalks is, you can read more about it here  And the theme of our SDtalks was ‘The Future of Recruitment’.

The feedback we have received was that this type of informal discussion was a welcome change to the typical slides and numbers type presentations.  We all learned how our Department Leads came to be in the positions they are in, how they draw inspiration from their careers and personal lives and apply this to their work at SD.  It was great to hear about Tanika’s life as a professional figure skater, Walter’s impressive career as Head of Operations at huge multinational firms and Gordon’s epiphany whilst sat on a lawnmower at Gleneagles!

With the theme of the day being the Future of Recruitment, we asked Iker, our Innovative Sourcing Lead, about the tools and technology we should be looking out for to keep us at the bleeding edge of recruitment and whether robots will actually come along and steal all of our jobs… We think not!

This led perfectly into a question and answer session with all our Leads about the Future of Recruitment.  Members of our team asked excellent questions about the effects of GDPR and Brexit, about generalist recruiters vs. sector specialists and how we see our use of LinkedIn either increasing or decreasing as the tool continues to evolve and grow.

The team enjoyed the chance to ask questions and listen to the opinions of our Team Lead’s so much, we have decided to hold this type of open forum again in a couple of weeks’ time!

As our morning session finished, I think it’s fair to say that the entire team was feeling the buzz of being part of team SD at an exciting period of growth and scaling upwards.

The second part of our day took us to ScotKart in Cambuslang where our team work, patience and driving skills would be put to the test.  I think it’s fair to say that some were outstanding at zooming around the track and using their teams to the best of their abilities… and some of us Sunday drivers (sorry team!!)

It was great fun, and even those who weren’t taking part made fabulous SD cheerleaders, cheering us round the track!!

We had an excellent day out as a team, and we definitely have some aspiring F1 drivers in our ranks!  We are certainly now poised and ready to embrace the challenge of scaling our business together by working as a team in the typical SD way!!

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