A Great Place for Great People to do Great Work

We spend more time with colleagues than we do with our families and friends, so we believe it’s crucial to have as much fun as possible while we’re here.

We’ve been honing our internal culture for two decades, and if staff surveys are anything to go by, we must be doing something right. As well as an impressive Glassdoor score, we’ve got charity events, days away for top performing teams, company nights out, flexible working, games rooms and break out areas, an indoor garden, complimentary fresh fruit… there’s no place quite like SD.

A big part of why SD is a great place to be is because we put so much emphasis on our SD Behaviours. These principles inform everything from the way we treat our colleagues, to how we conduct our business, to the attitude we want to see every day.

That said, we value individuals as much as we do teamwork, which is why our deep emotional and behavioural intelligence assessments are used to ensure that every hire we make will add a new voice and way of thinking to our teams. We’re not an office of clones, but our collaboration is second to none.

Giving back

The SD team during a recent charity fundraising week

The writing's on the wall

Fresh fruit, tea and coffee is supplied for all of our team members

Everyone needs direction

We’ve got so many breakout areas, we thought we’d better signpost them

Lounging around

Sometimes a swivel chair just won’t cut it. SD is our home from home

Time travel

It’s handy to keep an eye on your client’s timezone

Bringing the outside inside

Picnic, anyone?

2019 award winners

Congratulations to Daniel (SD Behaviours), Latha (Delivery) and Gerry (Sales)! Their outstanding performance throughout 2018 meant they were the obvious choices for our SD annual awards. 

Breakout area

No one wants to be shut away in a meeting room and miss all the action. Our brand new breakout area enabled collaborative working

Bistro life

A chat over lunch or a coffee in a cafe-style setting. 

Embracing the 6F approach

We use the same 6F approach for our own team as we do for our candidates. Taking into account every aspect of an individual’s personal and professional needs, this method ensures we remain focused on finding the right fit for everyone.


Cultural fit is one of the most important elements in any role; it’s what makes work feel like a choice rather than a chore.


Some things are simply more important than work. Finding a balance between the private and the professional is a key for us.


Having enough trust and flexibility to try new things and take on a challenge can be the difference between fulfilment and monotony.


Life’s too short not to have fun along the way. We understand what drives people both professionally and personally.


Money, success, satisfaction… whatever makes you feel like you’ve ‘made it’, we’ve got the right role for your goals.


Whatever your ambitions for the future, we want to make sure you’re in the right place to start achieving.




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Email: enquiries@solutions-driven.com