What I learned from attending the Savage SPRINT, Sooz Kinsella, Marketing Leader at Solutions Driven

The six pillars of the future-fit recruiter masterclass presented by Greg & Chris Savage

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The Savage Truth

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Recruitment is Evolving

Those familiar with the format of the Savage SPRINT will know to expect a jam packed session full of top tips and tools to help you be more successful in your role, as well as demonstrating the need for change.


Yesterday’s Hero

I’m confident everyone in the room resonated with the traits of yesterday’s hero, as a marketer, I witness every day the habits that are engrained into our everyday work processes take over.  Change is difficult. Overcoming the barriers and forming new habits is a challenge, especially if previous techniques worked well.


Keep Learning – Stay Motivated

Both Greg and Chris’s enthusiasm to help recruiters re-invent themselves and encourage them to evolve and become a future-fit recruiter was inspiring.  Over the last 10 years technology in recruitment has leaped forward, recruitment software that helps recruiter engage more with their candidates is here now, Firefish Software has been a leader in changing how recruiters engage in a digital world helping them move with the times.


Are Recruiters Now Marketers?

As a marketer trying to get teams to be an advocate for digital and Brand within a company, this was a breath of fresh air.  Greg shared some really cool sourcing hacks, and really drove the importance of digital and how it will be a game changer in recruitment.  Modern recruitment will be a mix of technology and effective human influencing skills.


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AI in Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence has been a buzz word around tech for many years now, again, recruitment technology has embraced AI and facial recognition is already being used in interview techniques. An international reach means clients and candidates can be brought together using HD video interviewing platforms such as Odro. I really would challenge though the requirement for human touch in the recruitment process.  Machine learning cannot replace a recruiters’ relationship and judgement when it comes to presenting candidates to clients.

Without giving too much away from the actual masterclass, my core takeaway was it’s time for change.  If you don’t change, then it’s unlikely you will be one of the Super Elite who will thrive in the next 3 to 5 years.

Here are some snaps we look at the event. If you where there too I’d love to hear what you thought.










Thanks to the Sponsors of the Savage SPRINT Glasgow event, Wendy McDougall from Firefish Software and the team at REC and of course Greg and Chris Savage for making the event so engaging.