Treat People as Your Biggest Asset

Every interaction and touch point you have with your candidate or job seeker from the first call to interview feedback can be summarised as many things such as the Candidate Journey, Candidate Experience, but ultimately these fall under the umbrella of Candidate Care.

The candidates journey starts long before they go for a job interview. They experience your brand at the very beginning of this journey and first impressions matter!

Do you have a detailed Candidate Journey?

When you first attract a candidate, does your brand seduce them? The behaviours of everyone involved in the process to attract a candidate has to be consistent, from the hiring manager, recruiter, even your social branding and messaging has an immediate impact and possible influence on a candidate.

How you engage and reach out to your candidate and the voice you use as a brand will set the tone early on. Whether your potential candidate is passive or an active applicant, a negative experience can switch them off – and often it’s a small world out there if you are trying to fill niche roles.

Finally, once you have recruited your perfect candidate, you need to be able to measure the overall quality of hire. You need to challenge your internal processes. Understanding how your hiring manager or recruiter rated the candidate on the core skills required for the role is a must.

How can you measure Quality of Hire?  By analysing data over time and more collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters, you can measure core the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) throughout the process, including pre and post hire. By tracking performance not only of the candidate, but of the hiring manager and recruiter too, you can understand what works well and where improvements should be made.

When Candidate Care goes wrong

It’s unlikely a candidate will remember much about your Brand if they have a positive experience, but what happens if they have a negative experience. In our new digital world, probably a lot!

According to a recent survey completed by CareerArc, nearly 60% of candidates surveyed said they had a poor candidate experience, and 72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly.

See the complete survey results as an infographic below:

23 Surprising Stats on Candidate Experience – Infographic

We asked 826 job seekers and 374 HR professionals on their thoughts on the State of the Candidate Experience, focusing on each stage-from the application, notification, and beyond- and we found several disconnects between what candidates expect and what employers deliver in the applicant process.

A typical candidate may spend up to three hours preparing and submitting one application, it’s not surprising a negative or poor journey results in such a high percentage of negative feedback online. Research also shows that hiring managers and recruiters may spend as little as 15 minutes reviewing an application.

Candidate Care is important

If you want to attract, hire and retain great people, then you need to start looking after your potential candidates at the beginning of their journey.

Engagement = Motivation x Consideration x Conversing x Care

  • MOTIVATION – ensure you take the time to understand what motivates each individual as well as making them feel they are part of an inspired and energised team who can shape the business
  • CONSIDERATION – ensure you take the time to recognise and pro-actively consider the teams viewpoint and inputs
  • CONVERSING – ensure the team feel there is genuine two way communications and stakeholders are actively listening and informing
  • CARE – The MOST important aspect!

It’s not all about the successful candidate either, candidate care after the interview/selection process is critical too. Keeping contact with the successful candidate after hire and maintaining this engagement through on-boarding  as well as regular reviews helps employers continue to review the quality of the hire and ultimately the cost to hire the candidate. When a candidate is unsuccessful, candidate care is still important. The feedback process and tone in which feedback is given, good or bad, needs to be non biased but honest.  This highlights again the need for collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters so everyone fully understands where a candidate fell short – whether it be related directly to skills, culture or experience.

Hiring great people for great companies – we do things differently at Solutions Driven

We are more than just a recruitment agency. We are passionate about delivery and exceeding our client’s expectations on every assignment. We are forward thinking and always on the forefront of new techniques and technologies. Solutions Driven has developed a solid reputation globally as our success is based on building lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Gavin Speirs

As a business we aspire to be one that provides a best in class customer experience, in terms of delivery and results. We do this by creating an environment that high performing employees and candidates are naturally attracted to. Recruitment is changing, but so are we and we are proud of our ability to evolve and stay ahead of the recruitment landscape!

Gavin Speirs, CEO, Solutions Driven & Founder of Talenytics


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