recruitment: reinvented

Content series taking a look at how the recruitment industry can be better

for candidates, hiring managers and recruiters.


Introducing the 6S Process

Join Solutions Driven CEO, Gavin Speirs, as he introduces our world-class talent delivery process used for every assignment and project by the SD team. This process helps SD achieve: 

  • 97% right first time hires
  • 94% of clients would recommend us
  • 93% shortlists delivered on time
  • 92% of hires from passive talent
Reinventing Quality Hiring

Reinventing Quality Hiring: A new approach

Hiring managers and candidates deserve better than they’re getting. The recruitment industry has gotten away with poor-quality service for long enough. 

9 pitfalls hiring managers must avoid to succeed

9 Pitfalls Hiring Managers Must Avoid to Succeed

Solutions Driven CEO Gavin Speirs shares his thoughts on the small changes hiring managers can make to improve the recruitment process.

reinventing recruitment fixing what's broken

Recruitment Reinvented: Fixing What’s Broken

This isn’t the way hiring should be. Especially not when professional recruiters are hired to find the talent that a client can’t; businesses should expect more.

Candidates are people not targets

Candidates are People, Not Targets

Candidate engagement is one of the most crucial elements of any recruitment process. Top talent tends to be passive, and passive candidates need more persuasion. 

The candidate engagement equation

The Candidate Engagement Equation

The best candidates deserve a best-in-class recruitment process. Find out why candidates love our unique 6F candidate approach.

Hiring managers need more from recruitment

Hiring Managers Need More From Recruitment

If recruitment is working so well, why are multiple agencies hired to do the same job? Many clients have mixed opinions when it comes to recruiters. 

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